Ayurvedic treatment in Stockholm

In Stockholm you have the opportunity to book an appointment with Acharya Ratheesh Mani who has over 30 years of experience in Ayurveda, meditation and yoga.

Ratheesh was born and raised in Kerala, India where yogic and Vedic principles were part of the culture and structure of his upbringing. Ratheesh has spent several years in the Himalayas where he studied Vedic philosophy, Ayurveda, yoga and meditation.

Thereafter, Ratheesh has traveled around the world and lectured in the different fields with the foundation of ancient Indian traditions. He has taught more than 11,000 yoga courses, 25 teacher trainings and hundreds of workshops worldwide. Ratheesh has also trained Ayur-Yoga therapists with the aim of restoring health and harmony through ancient Vedic medical knowledge.

Ratheesh has founded RKM Acharya with the purpose of imparting and educating Vedic knowledge in its pure form. Ratheesh is also co-founder of YogaMakes, an online platform for yoga education, and in YogaMakes a Difference, which offers yoga and yoga teacher training regardless of social or financial status.

With Ratheesh you have the opportunity to receive Ayurvedic treatment, but also to obtain deeper knowledge in meditation and Vedic philosophy.

A visit takes about 60 minutes and costs SEK 1200. Medicine and supplements is not included and is tailored after each patients’s need.

The clinic Lundberg Selection has organization number 556448-2049

Ayurvedisk healing